Analytical Talks

The Analytical Talks series look at photonics technologies in a variety of analytical applications. This series includes seven episodes where our engineers highlight the latest developments and present insights into a diverse range of technologies. See how we are empowering breakthroughs with light by offering a wide range of innovative products that meet customers’ requirements.

Water Analysis - Photometry in the UV and VIS

When we turn on the tap and fill up a glass or go for a dip in the ocean most of us take it for granted that these are all safe actions. The reality is that behind the scenes, engineers work tirelessly to secure that the quality of the world’s most valuable resource is as high as possible. 


This talk will provide an overview of how to ensure water quality and will look deeper into specific applications like the measurement of dissolved organic carbon,  the amount of nitrogen and the analysis of water color and turbidity. 


Learn how HAMAMATSU Photonics' products can help you to achieve the best possible results. 

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Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS) – Remote Analyzing with the O-O-I principle

The Laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS) is a rapid chemical analysis method using a short laser pulse to create a micro-plasma on the sample surface for a wide range of sample matrices include metals, semiconductors, soils, plastics, biological compounds etc. The analytical method offers mainly compelling advantages (Online, Onsite, Insitu) compared to other elemental analysis methods like arc-/spark-optical emission spectroscopy (OES) or X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) with the right optical components.


As a technology leader in innovative photonics solutions, HAMAMATSU Photonics is intrinsically motivated to develop suitable optical components perfectly adjusted or with potential for customizations in the application field of LIBS. 

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Compact and sophisticated - Mini-spectrometers doing big business

Spectroscopy is a very powerful and versatile method. By measuring a spectrum it is possible to get a lot of information about the composition, color or even the thickness of a specimen. 


HAMAMATSU Photonics is not only a world famous producer of highest quality image sensors for spectroscopy but also a manufacturer of novel miniaturized spectrometers using MOEMS technology. 


The webinar's focus will be on HAMAMATSU Photonics' compact models to bring you affordable yet high-performance solutions.

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IR Sources – Hopping through technologies

In the infrared region, thermal light sources as tungsten or globars emitting black body radiation in a broad range from a heated filament are most common in several applications, and the black body output is related to the filament temperature.  But no source is a perfect black body, and each sources have their strengths and weaknesses. 


The video will show how we can develop various infrared emitters with brand-new technologies, on-going advancements or to bring traditional technologies to the next level in order to fulfill ideally the requirements from our customers. Further improvements are bringing new alternative technologies on the market

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Beyond human vision

Advanced process analytical technology is steadily growing in methodology and usage as an important tool for modern production plants.  There is a variety of materials that look the same to our eye - in another wavelength range however their appearance may differ completely.  As a consequence, tasks such as sorting of plastics are tackled using near-infrared Image Sensors. The same is valid for many production processes, e.g. in food. For this purpose, HAMAMATSU Photonics has continuously developed a line-up of cutting-edge and highest quality InGaAs components. 


We will have a look at the characteristics of those sensors and how to use them for general and Hyperspectral imaging. This includes a presentation of the technology and some applications where using NIR (Hyperspectral) imaging is a highly beneficial technique.

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Low light measurement – Fluorescence in the analytical field

This talk will start off with a basic introduction of fluorescence terminology and physical theory. It will give a deeper look into different applications from analytical fields e.g. fluorescence lifetime imaging, flow cytometry and two-photon microscopy. 


Furthermore you will learn how HAMAMATSU Photonics detectors meet the requirements of detecting low light fluorescence signals and we will show you suitable detectors and light sources for each application. 

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With(out) a Trace - we help you to find and resolve Raman signals

Many analytical measurement tasks require remote and non-destructive analysis of the specimen under test. A unique and emerging technique compliant to this challenge is Raman spectroscopy. 

In Raman spectroscopy, the molecular or crystalline structure is probed by investigation of the inelastic light scattering signal received from the sample. Resolving this faint signal requires sophisticated acquisition strategies and sensors. 


HAMAMATSU Photonics has continuously developed high-end components and advanced spectrometers for tackling this task in order to make it easy to design a Raman optical system.  


Within this talk, we will outline the chances to take with Raman spectroscopy, which obstacles to overcome and which solutions we can offer for designing a laboratory or process analytical setup.

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