We are pleased to welcome you to the Analytical technologies section of our new TechBite video series.


In this series of videos we will showcase some of the cutting edge technologies that are being employed by market leading analytical instrumentation manufacturers. Technologies and applications such as mass spectrometry; UV-VIS and NIR spectroscopy; and low light imaging will be introduced by our local team of specialists.

2022 Series

Mini-spectrometer: Liquid analysis

A look at the possibilities for handheld spectrometers in the food and drink industry. 

Hamamatsu's Compact Spectral Sensors

A look at the MEMS-FPI Module, Tokuspec and plastic sorting.

MPPCs: Hamamatsu’s cutting-edge photon counting technology

Find out how our high sensitivity multi-pixel photon counters work, and can replace photomultiplier tube technology in various applications. Featuring a demonstration of one of our MPPCs and it's characteristics.

Introducing Hamamatsu's Hybrid MCP Assembly: MightION

Discover our hybrid MCP detector, ideal for TOF-MS or MALDI-TOF applications. 

2021 Series


How Hamamatsu technologies are changing the face of spectroscopy.

Mass Spectrometry

How Ionisation-assiting substrates are being used for MALDI Mass Spec.

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