Hamamatsu's products are used in a wealth of exciting and diverse Industrial applications. The TechBite series will explore these application areas in more detail providing product updates and information on how our technologies are being successfully integrated into industry. Topics will include; Optical Gas Sensing, Water Monitoring, Fibre-sensing and Optical Communications, Laser Welding, UV Curing and Printing, X-Ray Non-Destructive Testing, Radiation Monitoring, X-Ray Security and Automotive.

2022 Series

T-SMILS: Laser plastic welding with temperature control

Learn more about how using temperature control for laser plastics welding can dramatically improve your laser processing results.

Mid-IR 2.0: Disruptive Detectors and Novel Emitters

See how Hamamatsu are disrupting the Mid-Infrared technology space with a variety of emitter and detector technologies.

Seeing Beyond the Visible 

Find out how InGaAs technology can help us to see beyond human vision.

2021 Series

Laser process with real-time temperature monitoring

Trust in your laser process with real-time temperature monitoring.

Automotive LiDAR technologies

How recent advances in photonics, specifically in LiDAR, have played a major role in the move towards autonomous vehicles.

Radiation Monitoring

How photonics has developed to meet the challenges of monitoring ionising radiation.

Quantum Cascade Lasers (QCL)

A technology that is driving OEM adoption of Mid-IR Sensing

X-ray Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)

A growing application which is ensuring the quality and consistency of products across a range of markets.

UV Curing

How technology has advanced making it easier safer and cheaper to cure for a range of different applications.

Laser Processing

How our new industrial lasers are being rapidly implemented in plastic welding, printed electronics, laser soldering and adhesive curing.

Water Monitoring

How photonics technologies are being used to detect impurities and pollutants in water.

Multi-stage InAsSb

A disruptive detector technology for Optical Gas Sensing.

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