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Flow cytometry

Flow cytometer

Flow cytometry is a technique of analyzing the properties and structures of cells circulating rapidly in translational motion in the flow cell, which can be measured by irradiating a laser beam to the cells and observing their scattering light and fluorescence. The equipment used for flow cytometry is referred to as a flow cytometer.

PD is used for measuring the scattering light, while PMT, APD, or MPPC are used for measuring the fluorescence. A high-speed CCD camera or similar devices are used for an imaging flow cytometer, which combines the functionality of a microscope and that of a flow cytometer.


Recommended products

Photosensor modules H14121-40/-50

The H14121 series of photosensor modules contain a metal package PMT having a GaAsP/GaAs photocathode and a high-voltage power supply circuit. The H14121-40 (GaAsP photocathode) has high sensitivity in the spectral range from 300 nm to 740 nm wavelengths. The H14121-50 (GaAs photocathode) is sensitive along a wide spectral range from 380 nm to 900 nm.

Linear array multianode PMT module

The product lineup includes three types of output channels: 4, 6, and 8 channels that are selectable according to your application. Custom filters and dichroic mirrors can also be mounted as needed. Please feel free to contact us with your request.

APD modules

APD modules are high-sensitivity, high-speed-response light detection modules with built-in Si APDs. They incorporate an Si APD, I/V converter, and power supply, making them easy to use.

The APD is suitable for high-sensitivity, high-speed signal measurement using its internal multiplication function (about several hundred times) referred to as avalanche multiplication.

Various types of APD modules are available with different spectral response ranges and frequency bandwidths. Custom modules can also be provided upon request.

MPPC modules

MPPC modules are photon counting modules with built-in MPPCs. They incorporate an MPPC, I/V converter, and power supply, making them easy to use.
The MPPC features high gain (about 106), high photon detection efficiency, wide dynamic range, and excellent photon peak value discrimination ability, so it can obtain high S/N characteristics even for high-speed, weak signals.

Two wavelength types are available with different spectral response ranges. In addition, a type that is easy to adjust optically and with a flexible cable that is suitable for use in narrow places is available. Custom modules can also be provided upon request.

- C13365 series: Short wavelength type
- C13367 series: Short wavelength type (with flexible cable)
- C14452 series: Near-infrared type

Flow cell

We have a variety of selections including custom-made products.

TDI cameras

These cameras incorporate a TDI (time delay integration) sensor.

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