High-Throughput Screening / High-Content Screening

High Throughput Screening (HTS) is a technique to sort useful compounds quickly and efficiently from a huge number of candidates for new drugs. High-Content Screening (HCS) is an imaging-based multi-parametric analysis method that is used in biological research and drug discoveries. This technology uses fluorescence or emission measurements of samples in a high-throughput format and quantitatively analyzes various parameters, such as an increase or decrease of the target molecule in cells, localization changes, cell mobility and formation, and so forth.

Recommended products

Kinetic Plate Imager

High speed, kinetic plate imager for fluorescence / luminescence assays in GPCR / ion channel drug discovery field.

Scientific CMOS cameras

The low noise and high resolution properties of the sCMOS cameras satisfy the sensitivity and quantitative requirements for high content screening in a short exposure time.

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