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CW laser diodes (CWLD)

Laser diodes designed to be driven in continuous wave (CW) mode. Output power from milliwatts to a few W.


Pulsed laser diodes (PLD)

These LDs feature high peak power under pulsed operation. Various types are available with different peak output power and emission widths. These LDs can be used for distance measurements such as laser radar, hazard monitoring in security applications, etc.


High-power laser diode bar modules

With their emitting areas arranged in line to make a linear array, LD bar modules achieve high performance, high output power, and high reliability when coupled with appropriate cooling devices.


Direct diode lasers (DDL)

DDL is a laser source that irradiates a focused laser beam from a high power LD module directly onto a target. It is suitable for various purposes such as welding, quenching, brazing, and annealing. The advantages of this laser diode are the small size and low consumption of electricity compared to conventional solid state lasers or CO2 lasers.


Applied products of semiconductor lasers

Semiconductor laser products ideal for thermal processing applications.