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Color measurement

Color measurement

Sensing the spectrum

Hamamatsu's wide range of spectral detection products enable a vast array of color measurement applications. From single point sensors and RGB devices, to image sensors and spectrometers, these products bring your color analysis systems the accuracy they need.

While humans perceive light as colors through their eyes, spectral photometry devices such as spectrometers allow us to measure the intensity of wavelengths specific to each color. Spectrometers disperse light in various wavelengths using dispersive elements such as gratings (diffractive elements). Image sensors and other devices then detect the dispersed light. Our spectrometers are used in a wide range of applications, including LEDs, displays, and evaluation of food, drugs, films, and filters.

Color-sensitive components can be integrated into portable or benchtop color measurement systems. These sensors and spectrometers used to quantify color must be sensitive within the 360-830 nm wavelength range.

Choosing the right component depends on your specific application and accuracy requirements, such as:


Color measurement using spectrometers

Compact, high accuracy, gratings-based devices ideal for portable applications.

Color measurement using RGB digital color sensors and photodiodes

Color measurement using RGB digital color sensors and photodiodes

Reliable and cost-effective options for various colorimetry applications.

Color measurement using linear image sensors

Color measurement using linear image sensors

High sensitivity linear arrays optimized for spectrophotometry.

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