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Portal radiation monitors

Portal radiation monitors are large in size, so they can detect radiation from trucks and other large objects. They are typically present in locations such as sea ports and at border control. Their features include high sensitivity and high throughput, and they can withstand demanding environments.


Head-on photomultiplier tubes (PMT) for handheld and portal radiation monitors

Our PMTs vary in size ranging from 1 mm up to 120 mm in diameter. Their high internal gain and extremely low dark count make them the best detectors for all types and sizes of scintillation-based radiation detection systems.


Advantages of PMTs vs. other photodetectors:

  • Cost effective for medium to large size detectors
  • Very high gain allows detection of lower energy particles and eliminates the need for costly amplifiers
  • Extremely low dark count improves the energy resolution and enables operation at higher temperatures
  • Higher radiation resistance than semiconductor-based products


Advantages unique to Hamamatsu’s PMTs:

  • Various photocathode type for several scintillator emission wavelengths
  • Capable of meeting size requirements
  • Suitable for high temperature environment, robust to shock and vibration
  • Highest QE (quantum efficiency) from our unique UBA (ultra bialkali) or SBA (super bialkali) PMTs
  • Faster rise time, especially for large-size PMTs, helps minimize pile up and allows better discrimination between neutrons and gamma rays

Detector power supplies for pocket, handheld and portal radiation monitors

Power supplies play an important role in operating radiation monitoring and detection systems. Hamamatsu offers the power supplies designed for scintillation-based radiation monitoring and detection systems that use SiPMs or PMTs. The power supplies are ultra-compact and low cost, and their noise performance and temperature compensation function will help the detector in handheld devices operate with stability, even in the environments subject to temperature changes.

  • Ultra-compact on-board type (PMT)
  • Surface mount type (MPPC)
  • High reliability
  • Low power consumption
  • Low noise performance
  • Suitable for pocket, handheld and portal devices
  • Temperature compensation function (MPPC)
  • Low cost

Recommended products

Our head-on PMTs have high internal gain of up to 106 and extremely low dark count, making them the best detectors for all types and sizes of scintillation-based radiation detection systems. These are used for handheld and portal radiation monitors. 

Detector power supplies

Our power supplies are available for scintillation-based radiation detection systems using SiPMs or PMTs. These ultra-compact power supplies feature low ripple and noise performance, and are used for pocket, handheld and portal radiation devices. 

Radiation detection module

High accuracy, high sensitivity, compact radiation detection module. 


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