Radiation Handheld

Handheld radiation monitors

Handheld radiation monitors are larger than pocket types and typically used as survey meters, HAZMAT equipment and inspection tools. Handheld radiation monitors provide higher sensitivity to a broader energy range than pocket monitors. They can identify or locate radiation sources, and are portable and suitable for demanding environments, such as the outdoors or in cold or hot temperatures.


Silicon photomultipliers (SiPM) and arrays for pocket and handheld radiation monitors

Our silicon photomultipliers are called MPPC (Multi-Pixel Photon Counters). They consist of multiple avalanche photodiode pixels operating in Geiger mode. These lightweight and compact photodetectors have high internal gain of up to 106, making them the best alternative for your scintillation-based radiation detection systems.


Advantages of MPPCs vs. other photodetectors:

  • Cost effective for compact detectors
  • Lightweight and compact
  • High gain allows detection of lower energy ranges and eliminates the need for costly amplifiers
  • Low bias voltage allows longer battery life and smaller heat load
  • Immunity to magnetic fields eliminates the need for shielding
  • Modules and evaluation kits available


Advantages unique to Hamamatsu’s MPPCs vs. competitor’s SiPMs:

  • High PDE (photon detection efficiency) and low dark counts vs. overvoltage improve the energy resolution of the detectors
  • Faster timing minimizes pile up and allows better discrimination between neutrons and gamma rays

Detector modules for pocket and handheld radiation monitors

Our modules range from simple designs, such as scintillator + photodetector, to more complex designs that can provide a direct digital/analog output. You can choose from a variety of modules we already offer off-the-shelf, or we can work with you to design a customized module that is specially tailored to your application.

  • Plug & play: works with your system right out of the box without additional engineering efforts
  • Highly customizable: we can work with you to design almost any module specifically for your application
  • Lower your design and manufacturing costs by eliminating time needed to look for additional components and eliminating the need for additional manufacturing or testing
  • Various integrated components make your system design more compact and simplify your design. Options include temperature compensation circuit for gain, current-to-voltage conversion circuit, TE (thermoelectric) coolers, photon counting, high voltage power supply circuit, and more.

Detector power supplies for pocket, handheld and portal radiation monitors

Recommended products

Silicon photomultipliers (SiPM) and arrays

Our MPPCs are available as single-channel detectors and arrays. These are used for pocket and handheld radiation monitors. 


Detector modules

Choose from a variety of off-the-shelf modules or evaluation circuits for pocket and handheld radiation monitors that allow you to plug and play with built-in power supply, amplifier and temperature compensation function. Customization of modules specifically tailored for your applications are also available. 


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