Semicon West 2023

quantum technologies

Event Name SEMICON West 2023
Dates July 11, 2023 - July 13, 2023
Venue Moscone Center, San Francisco, CA | Booth #5246
Official site SEMICON West 2023

Stop by booth #5246 to see our PhotoIonizer (ionizer), UV light sources, image sensors and spectrometers. Hamamatsu offers various light sources and detectors for different applications.

Featured products:

Spectrometer detector PMT module H15441-20

High IR sensitivity, smooth spectral response


The S16514-2048-11 is a high sensitivity CMOS linear image sensor using a photosensitive area with vertically long pixels (14 × 200 µm). 

SPAD modules

1024 pixels, high-speed line rate near infrared sensor (0.95 to 1.7 μm)


The G14714-1024DG is an InGaAs linear image sensor designed for foreign object detection. 

SPAD module C16534-050GD

A compact, multi-channel spectrometer with the unprecedented ultra-high dynamic range.


It is capable of simultaneous multi-wavelength spectral measurements over a wide wavelength range with extremely high dynamic range, and is particularly effective when strong and weak signals are present simultaneously.

Built-in InGaAs area image sensor, USB 3.1 Gen 1 interface


The C16090 series is an image sensor module with an InGaAs area image sensor.

LC-L1V5 product photo

Compact body easily installs into narrow confined spaces.


We came up with a unit that drives 4 heads but is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand.

New choices for removing static charges


The Photoionizer is a completely new type of electrostatic remover using "photoionization" for clean, easy, yet effective generation of ions.