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Stealth Dicing technology is a laser dicing technology that uses lasers, with a completely new concept. The range of devices to which this technology applies will be expanding to include MEMS devices and memory devices and others, due to such features as the "completely dry process", "no kerf loss", "no chipping", "high bending strength" and the like.

Alliance partners

Information on alliance partners

Alliance partners are system integrators with a comprehensive licensing for the portfolio of patents regarding Hamamatsu Stealth Dicing technology, who are also our business partners.

We have many patent portfolio in each countries which is related to the Stealth Dicing technology. We also offer our patent portfolio relating to the Stealth Dicing technology to multiple alliance partners in a comprehensive license, in association with the OEM supply of Stealth Dicing Engine units. Such licenses also include processing methods associated with the manufacturing of semiconductors and LEDs. We recommend the use of laser dicing systems manufactured by our alliance partners when using Stealth Dicing technology to manufacture semiconductors and LEDs.

Using manufacturing methods included in any of the scope of rights for our patent portfolio while using a laser dicing system that is supplied by an unlicensed company (a system integrator other than our alliance partners) constitutes execution of patent without license and is an illegal action. Caution is required when using laser dicing systems provided by unlicensed companies, as that can lead to illegal action on the part of the end user. When it is unclear if a laser dicing system manufacturer is licensed for our patent portfolio, contact us for inquiry. It is our fundamental position to take on a form of non-exclusive licensing agreement regarding Stealth Dicing technology.

Our alliance relationship with Tokyo Seimitsu Co., Ltd., ended on September 18, 2017.

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