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Stealth Dicing technology is a laser dicing technology that uses lasers, with a completely new concept. The range of devices to which this technology applies will be expanding to include MEMS devices and memory devices and others, due to such features as the "completely dry process", "no kerf loss", "no chipping", "high bending strength" and the like.

Technical information of principles, features, and the latest technological trends
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This documents introduces the principles, features, latest technological trend, process, and the environmental contribution of Stealth Dicing technology after sorting out the problems faced by conventional dicing technologies. Please feel free to apply for it.




 ○Differences with conventional technologies

 ○Effects of street reduction

 ○Support for irregular shaped dicing

 ○Thermal effects on devices

●Technology introduction

 ○Stealth Dicing technology dedicated optical system LBA (Laser Beam Adjuster)

 ○Third-generation Stealth Dicing Engine unit (3G-SDE)


●Processing examples

●Environmental contributions

●Alliance partners

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