Drug screening system Drug screening system

Drug screening system

High speed, kinetic plate imager for fluorescence / luminescence assays in GPCR / ion channel drug discovery field.

FDSS is a series of kinetic plate imagers operating on the principle of fluorescence and luminescence. Our high speed and high sensitivity EM-CCD scientific camera is built into the FDSS series, and enables the readout of calcium flux, mobilization, and membrane potential changes. It can be used for flash luminescence, and enables high speed sampling at 200 Hz for 96 and 384 wells (dependent on the camera binning setting) for all wells simultaneously in the microplate. In addition to the standard GPCR and ion channel assays, the FDSS series’ optional features enable analysis over a wide range of applications, such as spheroid / organoid analysis, software waveform analysis, and the study of induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells. The electric field stimulation (EFS) pacing system option enables new applications of the FDSS platform using cardiomyocytes, skeletal muscle cells, and neurons. The CO2 incubation option enhances the stable status of cell cultures, keeping them at the optimal temperature for study.

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