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FDSS is an “Add and Read” kinetic plate imager in Fluorescence and Luminescence, and suitable for reading the kinetics of the living cells which those response, calcium flux, mobilization, membrane potential changes, which is very fast and need to monitor its kinetic property. GPCR and Ion Channels and Transporter are the most highly used application field for FDSS kinetic plate imager monitoring the calcium transient and membrane potential changes of the living cells.

However, some creative work done at also in the Enzyme field, and FDSS is now not limited to the living cell. Normally, the enzyme assay does not require an “Add and Read” kinetic plate imager, since its reaction going on is very slow, so one sampling point per each 30 minutes or hour would be sufficient. But some enzyme reacts very fast which here requires our “Add and Read” kinetic plate imager system.

It is important to measure enzymatic activity during initial velocity phase of the reaction. However, continuous monitoring of assay signals has not always been practical in the past. The FDSS provides a solution in HTS environment, particularly for fast reactions.

The example shown here, are all done by FDSS7000EX or FDSS6000 which were the high-end system at that time. FDSS-GX has inherited all the optic design and fully compatible with FDSS7000EX and FDSS6000. These assays are making use of UV excitation available in FDSS-GX.

Related scientific material

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