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Enable simultaneous multiband confocal acquisition without bleed-through

Conventional simultaneous multiband observation

Fluorescent dyes emit a wide wavelength range of fluorescence, and if multiple fluorescent dyes are used, the fluorescence distributions are generally overlapped. When multiple dyes are excited simultaneously, an overlapping emission spectrum leaks into adjacent detection channels, causing an artifact of fluorescence imaging called bleed-through. The bleed-through cannot be prevented by simply using a dichroic mirror or a bandpass filter to select the wavelength, and this has been a problem.

Newly developed: Simultaneous multiband observation without bleed-through*

Since MAICO® has a subunit structure, we can design the light path in each subunit independently. This minimizes the bleed-through to adjacent subunits and enables simultaneous multiband observation with high detection efficiency.


*Patent pending

Overview and concept of MAICO.

MAICO®'s superior features, including its subunit structure, are introduced here.

The MAICO line-up includes units with different wavelengths and sensitivities.

Explanation of the principle of a confocal microscope, which enables you to acquire an image that is less blurry, higher contrast, and higher resolution.

Imaging example videos of MAICO.

Frequently asked questions about MAICO® are listed here.

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