xenon flash lamp module xenon flash lamp module

Features | Xenon flash lamps

Xenon flash lamps are pulsed light sources that emit light with an instantaneously high peak output.
The emitted light is a continuous spectrum from the UV to the infrared region and is used for a wide range of applications including chemical analysis and imaging.
Hamamatsu provides high-quality, high-precision xenon flash lamps, as well as peripheral devices such as specially designed trigger sockets and power supplies to extract maximum performance from xenon flash lamps. Easy-to-use lamp modules integrated with those peripheral devices are also available.

High efficiency

Compared to halogen lamps, xenon flash lamps emit high-intensity light that is instantaneously 1000 times greater even when operated at 1/10 of the input power.

Light output intensity (Typ.)

Low heat generation

Xenon flash lamps generate low heat, so the warm-up time (time required until stable operation) at initial operation is reduced.

Light output stability during initial lighting
(5 W xenon flash lamp module) (Typ.)

High stability

The unique electrode design provides a highly stable discharge with less electrode wear, and it eliminated the need for readjusting the optical system.

Light output stability (5 W xenon flash lamp module) (Typ.)

Long life

The unique electrode design ensures minimum electrode wear and allows to maintain high performance over long-term operation.

Life characteristics (2 W xenon flash lamp module) (Typ.)

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