xenon flash lamp module xenon flash lamp module

Customization / Measurement method | Xenon flash lamps

Designing an optimal drive circuit is essential for obtaining maximum performance from a xenon flash lamp. Peripheral devices such as power supplies and trigger sockets designed specifically for xenon flash lamps are available, and also technical support for designing those circuits and devices can be provided. Any requests for custom products not listed in our catalog are welcome, so please feel free to consult us about your applications and operating conditions.


● Custom product examples

Xenon flash lamp modules with customized shape

Xenon flash lamp modules with customized input cable connector

Trigger socket with customized shape

Measurement method

Xenon flash lamps are pulsed light source and may cause large noise in the detected signal if using a measurement method for DC light sources. To avoid this, measurements must be made in synchronization with each flash of the lamp and a peak-hold circuit or sample-and-hold circuit. When using a camera or spectrometer, it is important to set the integration time so that the signal is acquired only at the timing of light emission.

● Setup example

A xenon flash lamp produces a light flash several micro seconds after the trigger signal is input (delay time). Also, time fluctuations (jitter time) of a few hundred nanoseconds occur with each flash. This delay and jitter time must be taken into account in order to make accurate measurements.

● Flash operation

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