Features | Direct diode lasers (DDL)

Lower running costs

  • Low power consumption thanks to high LD conversion efficiency
  • No adjustments needed since the optical system is simple with few components

DDL structure

No optical fiber

  • Compact
  • Easy to handle
  • Downsizes the processing equipment since the equipment needs no optical fiber protection mechanism

Space-saving design

  • No need for large chillers used by CO2 lasers and solid state lasers

Rectangular and flat beam patterns

  • Allows Welding with less spatter and blowholes since the energy density of the laser beam is low


For details of welding, click here

Focused beam pattern and profiles(example)

3D profile(example)

Wide variety of selectable beam patterns

  • A wide variety of beam sizes and patterns are selectable by combining the components of the irradiation unit
  • a variety of applications such as for welding, hardening, and cladding


For details of welding, click here

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