Irradiation unit | Direct diode lasers (DDL)

Irradiation unit A14132 series

The A14132 series is an irradiation unit used by attaching to DDL the L11585 series and L14133 series. The A14132 series can form a uniform focused beam pattern suitable for a wide area of heat treatment processes such as laser hardening. A variety of focused beam size and laser irradiation area can be adjusted by combining the aspect ratio conversion unit and the laser focusing unit.


Irradiation unit A14132 data sheet


Focused beam pattern and profiles(example)

3D profile(example)

Focused beam pattern(example)

DDL coaxial unit A15185 series

The A15185 series is a coaxial unit designed to attach to the DDL with the A14132 series irradiation unit. A thermometer and CCD camera are mountable on the A15185-111 DDL coaxial unit for making coaxial temperature measurements and coaxial observations.

DDL coaxial unit A15185 series data sheet


Coaxial observation image taken with CCD camera

Laser was irradiated onto a ruler placed at the focus point (processing point)

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