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pinhole inspection unit

Pinhole inspection units

Our high-speed, high-accuracy optical pinhole inspection units are ideal tools to meet a growing demand for the reliable detection of hard-to-find micro pinholes.

Hamamatsu provides a wide lineup of optical pinhole inspection units broadly grouped into two types depending on their manufacturing and inspection methods for objects or workpieces. See the quick reference table to find their compatibility with individual materials.

Integration into roll-to-roll processing

Roll-to-roll processing is a manufacturing method with extremely high efficiency that is employed in many production lines such as for making film. However, it is not easy to efficiently find pinhole defects in roll-to-roll film because the roll width (workpiece width) differs greatly depending on the production line and also because the roll-to-roll line speed is usually high. Our optical pinhole inspection units for roll-to-roll lines can be customized with multiple units and also in sizes to help build inspection systems that best match individual workpieces. Our optical inspection units support a roll-to-roll line speed of up to 600 meters per minute allowing reliable inspections without lowering the speed or efficiency of the current production line.

Integration into molded or formed product manufacturing process

When inspecting molded or formed products with complicated shapes such as cans, can lids, battery packages and blister packs, custom-designed pinhole inspection units or batch processing inspection will be needed to inspect them effectively. Hamamatsu provides various inspection units that are customizable to match the workpiece size. Please feel free to contact us for workpieces not included in the examples below.

Integration into roll-to-roll processing

Products Material/applications
Type No. Minimum detectable pinhole size Maximum detection speed Detection width Metal materials Translucent materials
Paper Non-woven fabrics Rechargeable battery separators
C12190 > 30 µm 600 m/min 1800 mm × × ×
C12570 > 2 µm 30 m/min 450 mm × × ×
C12760 > 10 µm 600 m/min 50 mm

Integration into molded or formed product manufacturing process

Products Material/applications
Type No. Minimum detectable pinhole size Maximum detection speed Fuel cell separators batteries packages Cans Can lids Blister packs
C15477 > 1 µm 0.5 s or less × × ×
C11750 > 5 µm 0.5 s or less × × ×
C11740 > 10 µm 2400 pieces/min × × × ×
C12965 > 1 µm 600 pieces/min × × × ×
C12570 > 2 µm 30 m/min × × × ×


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