APD module


High-sensitivity type, Active area: Φ3.0 mm

APD module is designed for easy use of Si APD.

-Uses high sensitivity APD
-On-board high sensitivity circuit optimized for APD evaluation
-Detects optical signals from fixed light (DC light)
-Built-in temperature-compensated bias power supply
-Compact and lightweight
-Low price
-Custom devices available with different dimensions and specifications

Type High-sensitivity type
Effective photosensitive area φ3.0 mm
Temperature stability of gain (typ.) ±2.5 %
Photoelectric sensitivity (typ.) -1.50 × 108 V/W
Cooling Non-cooled
Low Band Cut-off Frequency (typ.) DC MHz
High Band Cut-off Frequency (typ.) 0.1 MHz
Supply voltage (typ.) ±12 V
Measurement condition Photoelectric sensitivity: M=30, λ=800 nm, Temperature stability of gain: 25±10 ℃, M=30

Dimensional outline (unit: mm)

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