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Questions about C6386-01 and C8366

What type of external power supply should be used?

A stabilized DC power supply with both positive and negative outputs, a ripple voltage of 3 mVp-p or less, and a current capacity of 100 mA or more is recommended. These photosensor amplifiers will not operate from a single output power supply. If using a switching power supply or DC-DC converter, then take measures to reduce ripple and noise effects on the measurements.

How should the power cable with plug be connected to the terminals of an external power supply?

Make the following connections. Incorrect connections may cause malfunction.

Red Positive output terminal
Black COM terminal
Blue Negative output terminal

The usable output range is narrower than the initial state. Why is that?

If operating from a battery, then check the battery's power. If the problem is not solved even after replacing the battery or switching to an external power supply, the main unit may be at fault, so consult our sales office.

I want to change the photosensitivity units "mV/µW" shown on the datasheet to "mV/lx" units. How should I do this? (C6386-01 only)

The C6386-01 datasheet shows the photosensitivity measured using an LED light source at λp = 830 nm. To change the photosensitivity to "mV/lx" units, convert it to the case where a standard tungsten lamp at a color temperature of 2856 K is used. The values after conversion are shown below.

H range 30 mV/μW 1.57 mV/lx
M range 3 mV/μW 0.157 mV/lx
L range 0.3 mV/μW 0.0157 mV/lx

Questions about C9051-01 and C9329-01

What type of BNC connector cable should be used on the input side?

Low-noise coaxial cables are recommended to ensure the shielding effect. Commercially available BNC cables with a cable characteristic impedance of 50 or 75 ohms can also be used.

How long can the input side BNC connector cable be made?

A cable length within 3 meters is recommended. Using a longer cable will cause noise. If a cable longer than 3 meters is required, consult our sales office for advice.

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