Cargo & Vehicle Screening

With volumes of cargo passing through the seaports, airports and boarders the concerns of proper and fast cargo examination and ensuring its safety and compliance are becoming extremely important.


Inspection of cargos enables shippers, recipients of goods and companies involved in the process of cargo and goods transportation to have required confidence in safety, quality and quantity of goods shipped by their business partners. On the other hand the customs and boarder protection authorities are ensured that the cargo shipped is safe and contains no dangerous or illegal substances such as contraband, undeclared goods, drugs and weapons.

Thus airports, seaports and boarder-crossings require portals with reliable scanners that can screen passing vehicles and containers.


Such Drive-Through Portals or DTPs are made as high-energy X-ray inspection systems and could be of stationary and mobile configurations. They are designed in a way that allows quick screening of the flow of vehicles, vans, containers and large size cargos through the security checkpoints. High speed inspection is a huge advantage for both cargo carriers and port operators.


Hamamatsu offers full range of various products for cargo inspection systems including photodiodes, photodiode arrays and scintillators.

Recommended products

Hamamatsu Photonics is able to combine it’s key technologies of Si Photodiode, Scintillators and electrical circuitry and simplify integration into a working inspection system, by offering Photodiode array modules (PDA).

A MPPC also known as a silicon photomultiplier (SiPM) is a solid-state photomultiplier comprised of a high density matrix of Geiger-mode-operated avalanche photodiodes also known as SPAD (single-photon avalanche photodiode). These SPAD’s have high internal gain which enables single photon detection. They are well-suited for novel applications where single photon counting and ultra-low light detection is required.

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