Mail & Parcel Inspection

E-Commerce has boosted the delivery market with millions and millions items and goods sent to customers over long distances. This positive development however requires special attention to the content of small parcel and mail being sent and delivered.


The parcel scanners have proven to be effective providing secure and safe movement of high volumes of parcels and small mail packages through mailrooms, at events, entrance halls and corporate lobbies. The mail and parcel inspection machines are able to detect vetoed items in an efficient and effective manner using an advanced X-ray technology. They ensure that no parcel goes through the checkpoint without thorough examination first.


X-ray detectors inside the machines are ideal to ensure that parcels, mail and small packages going through the machine do not contain any forbidden or hazardous objects or contraband. These machines work to detect any suspicious mail or parcel as it passes through the X-ray device.

Such apparatuses are working in real-time and are usually compact, small and energy efficient and can be easily placed at mailrooms and company lobbies.


Hamamatsu offers wide selection of components and modular solutions for parcel inspection equipment such as photodiodes, photodiode arrays, TDI-CCDs and line-scan X-ray cameras.

Recommended products

Hamamatsu Photonics is able to combine it’s key technologies of Si Photodiode, Scintillators and electrical circuitry and simplify integration into a working inspection system, by offering Photodiode array modules (PDA).

Wide line-up of 16-element photodiode arrays specially designed for non-destructive and baggage inspection applications. These photodiodes are back-illuminated types with improved sensitivity. They are simple to handle and can easily be coupled with scintillators without having to worry about wire damage because there are no bonding wires and photosensitive areas on the back side. The design also makes it easy to combine the photodiodes to configure a two layer structure capable of simultaneous etection of high and low X-rays thus compatible with dual-energy imaging.

Various types of Si photodiode arrays combined with a signal processing IC chip are available. The signal processing IC chip is formed by a CMOS process and incorporates a timing generator, a shift register, a charge amplifier array, a clamp circuit and a hold circuit, making an external circuit configured by arranging multiple arrays in a row. The types of 64-channel, 128-channel, 256-channel configuration with different element sizes and pitches can be offered. Also types with phosphor sheet affixed on the photosensitive area, types without scintillator as well as a dedicated driver circuit for easy operation are available . These circuits and photodiode arrays can be connected in ways that allow both parallel and cascade readout.

Key Hamamatsu Photonics technologies of Si photodiode, scintillator and electrical circuitry are represented in combination in a photodiode array modules (PDA). Different types of standard PDA modules are available including products for both single-energy and dual-energy operation. The modules can be formed in a daisy chain and connected to a host PC via dedicated controller board. Besides standard products, customized options can be offered. These modules are well suitable for baggage inspection applications.

A MPPC also known as a silicon photomultiplier (SiPM) is a solid-state photomultiplier comprised of a high density matrix of Geiger-mode-operated avalanche photodiodes also known as SPAD (single-photon avalanche photodiode). These SPAD’s have high internal gain which enables single photon detection. They are well-suited for novel applications where single photon counting and ultra-low light detection is required.

These are cameras that can take a high-sensitivity, high-resolution transparent X-ray images of an inspected object transported on a conveyor belt or similar apparatus. Since the content of an object, which is not visible with the naked eye, can be inspected without contact or destruction, these cameras are suitable for broad interior Hamamatsu Photonics can offer both single-energy and dual-energy line scan cameras. The dual energy X-ray line scan cameras simultaneously capture both low and high energy images with a single X-ray source and compute the two images, enabling the inspection of objects that could not be detected by a single energy.

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