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Automatic faucet

Automatic faucets are made with motion sensors that use infrared light. The light source and detector are arranged in a reflective setup. When it detects a hand or other object blocking the light path, it controls the faucet to open or close. It uses an infrared LED as a light source, and a photo IC or CMOS linear image sensor for the detector.


Recommended products

The L14096-0085GL is an infrared LED available in a surface mount type COB package with lens. Narrow directivity was achieved by adopting a lens.

The L12756 is an infrared LED encapsulated in a bullet-shaped package. It offers high output power and high-reliability.

Inexpensive, compact and thin linear image sensors. Hamamatsu offers different types with various numbers of channels.

These photo ICs are capable of light detection, with few malfunctions even in background light.

This sensor amplifies and outputs current generated by incident light.

This sensors detect the incident position of light.

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