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Blood test (Biochemical test)

Biochemical tests, which measure substances (protein, sugar, oxygen, etc.) in blood and urine, are widely used in the diagnosis of diseases and the determination of treatment. One of the measurement methods makes use of the absorbance of light, and this method is widely used in blood test equipment. (Light is irradiated on the specimen, the transmitted multi-wavelength light is dispersed, and the result is detected with an optical sensor.)

Hamamatsu provides xenon flash lamps as light sources, photodiodes as photodetectors, and other optical components including filters and gratings that can be integrated into blood analyzers. Hamamatsu also provides optics modules that integrate sensors, filters, and signal processing circuits, as well as custom designs and manufacturing.

Example of blood test equipment using absorbance

Example of optical module

Recommended products

Optics module

This is an optics module for blood analyzers. It consists of photodiodes, beam splitters, filters, and an I-V converter. It can detect 10 wavelengths of light simultaneously.


This is a high-resolution fiber input type spectrometer supporting wavelengths in the 340 to 830 nm range. It features a thin, compact housing and low cost. In addition to this product, numerous types with different spectral responses and resolution are available.

Mini-spectrometer micro series

This is a fingertip-sized compact spectrometer head suitable for installation in portable devices. It contains a grating and sensor, and can measure multiple wavelengths simultaneously in the 340 to 850 nm range.

2W xenon flash lamp modules

This is a pulse-driven lamp module with a built-in lamp operating circuit. Its compact size at 42×42×37 mm provides freedom in design. It can be installed in POCT equipment.

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