Connection examples | Wavelength swept pulsed QCL


Connection examples

  1. Wavelength swept pulsed quantum cascade laser L14890-09
  2. TEC temperature controller C11330-02
  3. Cable A11134-04
  4. Oscilloscope
  5. Function generator
  6. Infrared detector
  7. PC


(*1) The name printed on the power cable attached to the product.
· The cable connected to the power connector is attached with the product. The cables connected to the DC power supply and the TEC temperature controller have to be manupulated by the user.
· This configuration is recommended for working the sample software properly. Refer to the table of the required equipment for the model number of the recommended equipment.
· Products shown in photos are Hamamatsu products. Product names and part numbers are written in red.
· Prepare additional devices and cables separately.

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