Smooth navigation and viewing

Smooth navigation

With a simple mouse operation, you can observe the digital slide tissue section on a monitor. By moving the mouse wheel, it is possible to move the slide in any direction, focus the image and alter the viewing magnification with an operational feel similar to that of a microscope.

Smooth viewing

The NZConnect is capable of running on both Windows and Mac OS and can provide high-speed and intuitive operation. Also, the web viewer works on tablet terminal such as iPad and it has user interface and features.

Easy to use

User-friendly interface

Improving the User Interface (UI)

The reason NZConnect achieves such an intuitive operation is due to many refinements in the user interface. For example, the addition of the "Tree view" facilitates the finding and viewing of a user's images and data.

Simple setting

ID/password-based authentication system

The NZConnect uses ID and password-based authentication.You can manage image viewing by setting passwords and privileges for each client or group.

Access privileges for each slide or folder

You can set intranet and internet access privileges for each individual slide on the server. You can show an image only to specified users. 

Automatic publishing of scanned slides

The NZConnect has a feature that automatically publishes slides within specific folders. The folders can be specified by a user with access privileges. This feature, along with the ability to specify destination folders in NDP.scan, also helps accommodate the requirements of multiple users with different privileges.

Expandable options

Unlimited slides for NZConnect U16397-01

Unlimited publications of slide images

You can publish as many slides as you want in NZConnect.

Conference for NZConnect U16398-01

Synchronized viewing slides with visitors

For use in a conference or educational setting, the content of the presenter's device can be synchronized and displayed on all participating devices. Any participating device can be a presenter, so they can exchange work with each other.


3rd party format support for NZConnect U16399-01

Supporting non-Hamamatsu slide format images (Aperio, Leica, 3D Histech)

You can handle whole slide images created by other manufacture's scanners.

LDAP support for NZConnect U16410-01

Utilizing information from LDAP server

Users can take important information for server management. The NZConnect can make it easy to manage clients.

(Information: user name, computer name and so on.)

Special sites

The Whole Slide Imaging special site is the feature section for whole slide imaging fit to research and pathology.

Whole Slide Imaging

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