Spot light source LC8


Hamamatsu spot light sources employ long life, high intensity mercury-xenon lamps and optical systems specifically designed to minimize light loss. Our UV spot light sources have gained a solid reputation for long life and high power and now fill a vital role in different fields, especially in FA (factory automation). UV spot light sources generate less heat and so are ideal for UV curing in bonding of micro components and optical components vulnerable to heat.
L9566 series: [Light Guide Port : Rear, Lamp Replacement Position : Operation panel (front)]
L9588 series: [Light Guide Port : Operation panel (front), Lamp Replacement Position : Rear]


UV curing


Control Front panel control Communication connector
External control terminal
(D-sub connector)
Main power ON / OFF - -
Lamp ON / OFF
Shutter drive Open / Close
Auto open / close by timer *1
Auto shutter time setting -
Irradiation program (Memory StepTM) setting -
Optical power adjustment (UP / DOWN)
Lamp ON indicator ✓ (Signal output) ✓ (Signal output)
Lamp stability indicator ✓ (Signal output) ✓ (Signal output)
Shutter open indicator ✓ (Signal output) ✓ (Signal output)
Lamp operation hour meter -
Overheat alarm ✓ (Signal output) ✓ (Signal output)
Lamp operation time alarm ✓ (Signal output) ✓ (Signal output)
Operating switch for power saving mode *2 - - -

✓: available, - : not available
*1: Corresponds to "start / stop" of Memory StepTM.
*2: The operating switch is inside

Selection guide

Type No. Spectral distribution *1 Lamp for maintenance *2 Guaranteed life
L9566-01A, L9588-01A [365 nm type] 300 nm to 450 nm L10852 4000 h (at 365 nm)
L9566-02A, L9588-02A [250 nm band enhanced type] 240 nm to 400 nm L10852 2000 h (at 436 nm)
L9566-03, L9588-03 [Visible light type] 400 nm to 700 nm L14753 2000 h (at 436 nm)
L9566-04, L9588-04 [Total reflection type] 300 nm to 800 nm L14753 2000 h (at 436 nm)
L9566-06A, L9588-06A [365 nm wide band type] 240 nm to 550 nm L10852 4000 h (at 365 nm)

*1: Major spectral distribution. Various optical filters (sold separately) can also be attached.
*2: L10852 is 200 W super-quiet mercury-xenon lamp. L14753 is 150 W super-quiet xenon lamp (low ozone type).


Parameter L9566 L9588
Light guide port Rear Operation panel (front)
Lamp replacement position Operation panel (front) Rear
UV irradiance (Typ.) *1 4500 mW/cm2 Typ. (at 365 nm, -01A type)
Spectral distribution Refer to the SELECTION GUIDE
Lamp for maintenance Refer to the SELECTION GUIDE
Guaranteed life Refer to the SELECTION GUIDE
Input voltage (AC) 100 V to 240 V (100 V / 200 V auto switching), single phase 47 Hz to 63 Hz
Power consumption 280 VA Typ.
Weight Approx. 6.4 kg
Operating temperature range +5 ℃ to +35 ℃
Operating humidity range Less than 80 % (no condensation)
Storage temperature range -10 ℃ to +70 ℃
Storage humidity range Less than 80 % (no condensation)

*1: UV irradiance (at 365 nm) is measured in the center at a point 10 mm away from the output end of the A10014-35-0110 light guide (sold separately) with E5147-04, by using the Hamamatsu C6080-365 UV power meter.

Dimensional outlines (Unit mm)

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