xenon flash lamp module xenon flash lamp module

Applications | Xenon flash lamps

Xenon flash lamps emit light across a continuous spectrum from 160 nm to 7500 nm, making them useful in a diverse range of applications from the UV, visible to infrared region.

IR (infrared) applications

Xenon flash lamps are also ideal as a multi-wavelength infrared light source. Compared to halogen lamps and MEMS infrared light sources, xenon flash lamps generate less heat and emit light with an instantaneously high peak output, making them ideal for applications where high accuracy is required.

○ Food-related inspections

  • Food analysis (Sugar, fat, water / moisture content, etc.)
  • Foreign matter inspections (Plastic, etc.)
  • Food sorting

○ Gas measurement and analysis

  • Multiple gas analysis (CH4 (methane), CO2 (carbon dioxide), etc.)

Spectral distribution (Typ.)


Emission pulse waveform (Typ.)

● Wavelength: 7 μm

* Light output depends on the detector sensitivity. Use this data as reference for comparison with other infrared light sources.
* The halogen lamp light output is corrected so as to correspond to the peak value (flash duration: approx. 6 μs) of the xenon flash lamp.

DUV (deep UV) applications

Xenon flash lamps emit light with an instantaneously high peak output and are also attracting attention as a high-performance deep UV light source that maintains excellent characteristics over a long period of operation.

○ Photoionization
○ Spectrophotometry
○ Sterilization

Spectral distribution (Typ.)

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