LIGHTNINGCURE LC-L5G: Linear irradiation type UV-LED units

LC-L5G are high output and adopting proprietary air-cooling method. Conventional UV-LED light sources cannot achieve high-throughput, but LC-L5G can achieve it. 

Air-cooled UV-LED light sources that deliver the highest output in their class

The Hamamatsu LIGHTNINGCURE LC-L5G series is a family of linear irradiation type UV-LED light sources having many great features such as compact size, light weight, high output and large irradiation area, making them ideal for a vast range of applications including UV printing, UV coating and UV adhesive curing.
To extract the maximum performance from UV-LED light sources, Hamamatsu employs a proprietary air cooling method called ThoMaS, a proprietary nitrogen purging method called HANCE (*1) and a warranty extension option ALiCE that allows customers to extend the product warranty period.


*1: ThoMaS and HANCE are only available for model GH-103A.

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