APD module


Variable gain, stable detection even at high gain

The C10508-01 consists of an APD, current-to-voltage converter, high-voltage power supply circuit as well as microcontroller for compensating temperature with high stability on the basis of information received from the themperature sensor. The microcontroller contains coefficients according to the temperature characteristics of the APD. This allows highly stable APD gain over a wide temperature range even at high gain. The gain can be adjusted using a switch on the circuit board or commands from a PC.

-Gain temperature: ±5% or less
(Gain=250, Ta=0 ℃ to +40 ℃)
-Adjustable gain
The gain can be adjusted with a switch or commands sent from a PC
-Easy handling: Requires only a ±5 V power supply
-Compact and lightweight

Type High-stability type
Effective photosensitive area φ1.0 mm
Temperature stability of gain (typ.) ±5.0 max. %
Built-in sensor S12023-10A
Photoelectric sensitivity (typ.) 1.25 × 107 V/W
Cooling Non-cooled
Low Band Cut-off Frequency (typ.) DC MHz
High Band Cut-off Frequency (typ.) 10 MHz
Supply voltage (typ.) ±5 V
Measurement condition Photoelectric sensitivity: M=250, λ=800 nm, Temperature stability of gain: 0~40 ℃

Spectral response

Dimensional outline (unit: mm)

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