CCD area image sensor


Image sensor with a long, narrow photosensitive area for X-ray imaging (FOP type, without scintillator)

-1536 (H) × 128 (V) × 2 chips
-X-ray sensitive area: 146 × 6 mm
-Pixel size: 48 × 48 μm
-Buttable structure of 2 chips
-Coupled with FOP for X-ray imaging
-TDI (Time Delay Integration) operation
-100 % fill factor
-Wide dynamic range
-Low dark signal
-Low readout noise
-MPP operation

Note: When using this product for X-ray detection, the user needs to affix a phosphor sheet, etc. to the FOP.

Image size 147.456 x 6.144 mm
Pixel size 48 x 48 μm
Pixel pitch 48 μm
Number of total pixels 3072×128 pixels
Number of effective pixels 3072×128 pixels
Package Ceramic
Scintillator type None
Frame rate typ. 15 frames/s

Dimensional outline (unit: mm)

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