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Measurement example | Mini-spectrometers


Measurement of liquid absorbance

Connection example

Fluorescence measurement example (C10083CA)

This is an example of measuring fluorescence from a 1000 ppm quinine solution (buffer solution: dilute sulfuric acid).

(1) Visible LED

Visible LED measurement example (C10082MD)

(2) White LED and 3-color LED

White LED and 3-color LED measurement example (C11007MA)

This is an example of measuring emissions from a white LED and 3-color LED. White LED light contains wavelength components of various colors as well as blue, and appears white because those colors are mixed together.

Transmittance (1 mm thick optical window) measurement example (C11482GA)

(a) Measurement value

(b) Calculation result

Film thickness measurement example (C11482GA)

Here we show an example that measures the film thickness of 10 μm thick food wrap (polyvinylidene chloride). In film thickness measurement utilizing white light interferometry, a rippling interference spectrum is obtained due to reflections between the front and back surfaces of the film. The film thickness can then be determined by calculation from the spectral peak count, wavelength range, refractive index of film, and the angle of incident light.

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