What is Mini-spectrometer? | Mini-spectrometers

What is Mini-spectrometer?


Mini-spectrometers are compact and low cost spectrometers (polychromators).

We offer over 30 different types of mini-spectrometers covering the spectral range from UV to NIR.

Suitable for applications such as environmental measurement, color measurement, quality control in production lines, and information devices.


The mini-spectrometer is a product that integrates Hamamatsu’s MOEMS (micro-opto-electro-mechanical-systems) technology, which combines optical technology including opto-semiconductor devices and optical systems and MEMS technology, with circuit and software.

The detector serving as the core of the mini-spectrometer is a proven Hamamatsu image sensor in analysis and measurement fields. Since Hamamatsu develops its own grating, which performs spectroscopy, grating with various specifications (high resolution, wide spectral range, high diffraction in the ultraviolet region, etc.) can be mounted on its mini-spectrometers.


Color measurement

Film thickness measurement

Plastic screening

Fluorescence measurement

Environmental analysis

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