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Features | Terahertz spectrometer


・Integrated prism ensures there are no effects from water vapor in the environment

This product does not require nitrogen purging that is usually needed in other products to remove effects of water vapor on terahertz waves.

・Excellent stability

Superb stability allows continuous measurements with high reproducibility.

・Compact and space-saving

The control section is integrated into the main unit, so just connecting a notebook computer to the main unit allows remote operation. No other equipment is needed.

・Liquid can be measured

Since liquid will likely absorb terahertz waves it is difficult to measure liquid by the normal transmission method. However, liquids can be successfully measured by attenuated total reflection spectroscopy.

・No preparation required for powder samples

Measuring powder using terahertz waves usually requires compressing the powder into a tablet shape but is totally unnecessary for this product.

Continuous measurement mode

In continuous measurement mode, continuous data can be obtained and output at specific time intervals. This mode is useful for observing changes over time in the sample being measured to ensure obtaining stable results over a long period of time.
The graph on the right side shows relative changes in the absorption coefficient at a particular frequency. This data was measured using continuous measurement mode for consecutive 9 days with water placed on the measurement surface. The results show that stable measurements (error within±3 %) can be made over a long period of time.

<Application examples>
・Crystal precipitation and transition
・Deterioration evaluation
・Other changes over time

Comparison with other methods in crystallinity evaluation

  X-ray diffraction Thermal analysis Raman spectroscopy Terahertz spectrometers
Controlled area Required Not required Not required Not required

Destroy/Not destroy samples

*1 Destroy *1 Not destroy samples
Measurement time *2 Several dozen minutes Several dozen minutes Several minutes About 3 minutes

Determination of crystalline state in liquid

× × × *3

*1 Samples might be damaged depending on measurement conditions.
*2 Measurement time may vary depending on the sample condition and measurement conditions.
*3 Terahertz spectrometers are capable of determining without any additional treatment, whether or not the crystalline state has dissolved into the liquid.

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