Wavelength detection method | Micro LED PL inspection system

New wavelength detection method “λ-Capture” technology

λ-capture is a new wavelength detection technique that enables wavelength measurement without a spectrometer.

When performing wavelength measurement of the entire wafer, point measurement with a conventional spectrometer or line measurement with an imaging spectrometer takes an enormous amount of time.

λ-capture can measure wavelengths in an area by using highly sensitive cameras, enabling spectral measurement of entire wafer at high speed.

By using this technology that is simultaneous evaluation of PL intensity mapping and PL wavelength mapping of micro-LEDs, wavelength management of displays is possible in a short time.

Measurement principle

In λ-Capture technology, two high-sensitive cameras and an LRG dichroic mirror are used. When the wavelength of center gravity is equal to the center wavelength of the dichroic mirror, the light intensities of the transmitted and reflected signals are the same. If the wavelength shifts toward the longer wavelength side, the transmitted signal becomes larger, and if it shifts toward the shorter wavelength side, the reflected signal becomes larger. 

By simultaneously measuring the light intensity passing through the dichroic mirror with two high-sensitivity cameras, the deviation from the center wavelength can be determined. Thus, it makes possible to measure both light intensity and wavelength with a single measurement.

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