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D-type socket assembly



For Metal Package PMT R11265U, Grounded electrode : Anode, Supply voltage polarity : -, E11807 with tapered voltage divider circuit

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Applicable PMT Metal Package PMT R11265U
Ground Electrode Anode
Supply Voltage Polarity -
[Max. Rating] Insulation Voltage (Case-Pins) 1000 V
[Max. Rating] Supply Voltage 1000 V
[Max. Rating] Voltage Divider Current 0.36 mA
Leakage Current in Signal Max. 1.0 x 10-10 A
Total Voltage Divider Resistance 2.69 MΩ
Max. Linear Output in DC Mode 18 (at 1000 V) μA
Signal Output DC / Pulse
Notes Cable output

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