Advances in testing and calibration of modern optical sensors

Bill Grube, Senior Product Manager, Energetiq Technology
July 16, 2020

About this webinar

Electronics used in home and professional settings are increasingly able to sense and respond to their operating environments to assist and delight the user. Optical sensors are one great example of this. Modern electronic devices use sophisticated optical sensors and algorithms to perfect the images on displays, in pictures, and in videos. The images are so lifelike that users can feel as though they have stepped into the scene. These advances in technology can give amateur photographers a leg up, challenge skilled gamers, and enable medical professionals to save lives. Optical sensors also capture 3-dimensional spatial information, to recognize familiar faces, respond to gestures, or provide early warning of a potential collision.


Engineers at equipment manufacturers are challenged to develop new optical sensors and algorithms to capture and utilize data with greater complexity. This requires testing and calibration procedures that exercise the sensors and algorithms together, in realistic lighting scenarios.


Topics of presentation:


This presentation will describe how advanced lighting sources are used to emulate real-world conditions, to enable efficient test and calibration procedures in the high-volume production environment.

About the presenter

Bill Grube is a Senior Product Marketing Manager at Energetiq focused on new product development for the optical sensor test and life sciences markets. Prior to joining Energetiq Technology, Bill served in a variety of product management and technical marketing roles at Philips Healthcare, Thermo Fisher Scientific, and Cambridge Technology.

About Energetiq

Energetiq Technology, Inc. is a high technology, ultra-bright light source subsidiary of Hamamatsu. Energetiq introduces breakthrough products using our patented, ultra-bright Laser-Driven Light Source (LDLS™) and Electrodeless Z-Pinch™ EUV technologies. These sources are used in a variety of markets, primarily in high-end semiconductor manufacturing, sensor testing for cell phones, and in a variety of drug discovery and medical applications.


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