Multipoint NanoGauge


The Multipoint NanoGauge Thickness measurement system C11295 is a film thickness measurement system utilizing spectral interferometry. It is designed to measure film thickness as part of the semiconductor manufacturing process, as well as for quality control of the APC and films that are mounted on semiconductor manufacturing equipment. Allows multichannel measurement in real time, which provides simultaneous multichannel measurement and multipoint measurement on film surfaces. At the same time it can also measure reflectivity (transmittance), object color, and their changes over time.


  • Simultaneous film thickness measurement up to 15 points
  • Reference-free operation
  • Stable long-term measurement by correction of light intensity fluctuation
  • Alarm and warning function (pass/fail)
  • Reflectance (transmittance) and spectrum measurements
  • High speed and high accuracy
  • Real time measurement
  • Precise measurement of fluctuating film
  • Analyze optical constants (n, k)
  • External control available


Type number C11295-XX*1
Measurable film thickness range (glass) 20 nm to 100 μm*2
Measurement reproducibility (glass) 0.02 nm*3 *4
Measurement accuracy (glass) ±0.4 %*4 *5
Light source Xenon light source *6
Measurement wavelength 320 nm to 1000 nm
Spot size Approx. φ1 mm*4
Working distance 10 mm*4
Number of measurable layers Max. 10 layers
Analysis FFT analysis, Fitting analysis
Measurement time 19 ms/point*7
Fiber connector shape SMA
Number of measurement points 2 to 15
External control function Ethernet
Interface USB 2.0 (Main unit - Computer)
RS-232C (Light source - Computer)
Power supply AC100 V to AC240 V, 50 Hz/60 Hz
Power consumption At 2ch: Approx. 350 VA, at 15ch: Approx. 500 VA
*1: -XX indicates the number of measurement points.
*2: When converted with the refractive index of glass = 1.5.
*3: Standard deviation (tolerance) when measuring 400 nm thick glass film.
*4: Depending on optical system or objective lens magnification to be used.
*5: Range of measurement guarantee as recorded in the VLSI Standards measurement guarantee document.
*6: The halogen light source model is C11295-XXH.
*7: Shortest exposure time.


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