Optical NanoGauge Thickness measurement system


The Optical NanoGauge Thickness measurement system C12562 is a compact, space-saving, non-contact film thickness measurement system designed to easily install in equipment where needed. In the semiconductor industry, measuring silicon thickness is essential due to the spread of through-silicon via technology; and in the film production industry, adhesion layer films are being made ever thinner to meet product specifications. So these industries now require even higher accuracy in thickness measurements ranging from 1 μm to 300 μm. The C12562 allows making accurate measurements across a wide thickness range from 500 nm to 300 μm that include the thin film coating and film substrate thickness as well as the total thickness. The C12562 also offers rapid measurements up to 100 Hz making it ideal for measurements on high-speed production lines.


  • Measures ranging from thin film thickness to the total thickness
  • Shortens cycle time (max. 100 Hz)
  • Enhanced external triggers (accommodates high-speed measurement)
  • Simplified measurement is added to the software
  • Capable of both surface analysis
  • Precise measurement of fluctuating film
  • Analyze optical constants (n, k)
  • External control available


Type number C12562-04
Measurable film thickness range (glass) 500 nm to 300 μm*1
Measurement reproducibility (glass) 0.2 nm*2 *3
Measurement accuracy (glass) ±0.4 %*3 *4
Light source Halogen light source
Spot size Approx. φ1 mm*3
Working distance 10 mm*3
Number of measurable layers Max. 10 layers
Analysis FFT analysis, Fitting analysis, Optical constant analysis
Measurement time 3 ms/point*5
Fiber connector shape FC
External control function RS-232C, Ethernet
Power supply AC100 V to AC240 V, 50 Hz/60 Hz
Power consumption Approx. 80 VA
*1 When converted with the refractive index of glass = 1.5.
*2 Standard deviation (tolerance) when measuring 1 μm thick glass film.
*3 Depending on optical system or objective lens magnification to be used.
*4 Range of measurement guarantee as recorded in the VLSI Standards measurement guarantee document.
*5 Shortest exposure time.


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