SEMICONDUCTOR APPLICATION LAB. | Thickness measurement system


SEMICONDUCTOR APPLICATION LAB. (located in Joko Factory, Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture) is a laboratory designed for co-creation with customers. We have equipment to solve your problems, including semiconductor failure analysis and wafer testing. 


SEMICONDUCTOR APPLICATION LAB. is not only for customers using our products but also for those considering purchasing them.

We provide this Lab. as a place to use the equipment for those who would like to "try the equipment for purchase consideration," "learn how to operate the equipment before installation," or "learn how to use the equipment in an applied way". Also, for semiconductor companies to communicate with each other to "solve problems to improve the quality of semiconductors" or "exchange opinions to explore new analysis technologies.

Available products

The Optical NanoGauge Thickness measurement system C13027 is a non-contact film thickness measurement system utilizing spectral interferometry. The C13027 not only supports PLC connections but is also designed more compact than our other models for easy installation into equipment.

The Optical MicroGauge Thickness measurement system C11011 series is a film thickness measurement system utilizing laser interferometry. Allows for high speed measurement at 60 Hz, so it can also be used inline measurement in factories.

Mapping stage C8126 series

This is a mapping system that measures wafer and film thickness distribution when combined with models from Optical Gauge series. It can be used to confirm in-plane homogeneity of eating and grinding features and for quality control.

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