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Photomultiplier tube accessories

PMT accessories designed specifically to simplify implementation, such as high voltage power supplies, socket assemblies, amplifier units, and thermoelectric coolers.

Amplifier units and modules designed for use with photomultiplier tubes and current output PMT modules.

Counting units with a USB interface that can be used as a photon counter when combined with a photon counting head.

The D-type socket assemblies contain a voltage divider circuit along with a socket in a compact metallic or plastic case.

In addition to the circuit elements of the D-type socket assemblies, the DA-type socket assemblies include an amplifier that converts the low-level, high-impedance current output of a PMT into a low-impedance voltage output.

DP-type socket assemblies comprise a built-in high-voltage power supply circuit added to a D-type socket assembly. DAP-type has a current-to-voltage conversion amplifier and a high voltage power supply, efficiently added to the circuit components of the D-type socket assembly.

High-voltage power supplies designed to meet stability requirements for PMT operation. Models range from on-board to general-purpose bench-top units.

Magnetic shield cases ensure a stable output for PMTs operating in proximity to magnetic fields. The shielding factor can be attenuated from 1/1000 to 1/10000.

Photon counting units are designed to convert single photoelectron pulses from a PMT into 5 V digital signals through built-in amplifier and discriminator circuits.

LED light sources designed to adjust the sensitivity of PMTs and PMT modules. They contain a photodiode to monitor and control the LED emission intensity for a stable light output of approximately 1 pW.

Thermoelectric coolers reduce the thermal electrons emitted from PMT photocathode which improves signal-to noise ratio. A built-in electrostatic and magnetic shield minimizes external noise.

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