Navigating the MIR market: applications, product options, and developments

Gary Spingarn, Product Manager, Hamamatsu Corporation
July 30, 2020

About this webinar

Mid-infrared measurements have recently become a hot topic in the photonics industry and for good reason: so much valuable information lies within interactions with longer wavelengths. Capability, cost, and complexity make selecting the proper components a tough balancing act - this presentation aims to give some insight into navigating this space. New innovations have brought attractive options to the table for detectors and lights sources alike, opening up new possibilities for applications.


There will be discussion on the advantages of mid-infrared techniques, popular applications, and a product overview on detectors, semiconductor lasers, and other light sources.


Topics of presentation:

  1. Merits of MIR and applications
  2. Product overview, detectors and light sources
  3. New developments

About the presenter

Gary Spingarn is a Product Manager with Hamamatsu Corporation in Bridgewater, NJ, focusing on detectors and light sources for the mid-infrared region. As a Rutgers 2013 chemical engineering graduate, Gary made his start in industrial gases where he gained hands-on experience in all sorts of processes such as steel mills, plastics manufacturing, and alternative energy. Photonic devices were key in many of his past projects and he started with the spectrometer group before moving into mid-infrared components. Leveraging past experience, Gary continues to support the development of gas analysis instruments, medical devices, pyrometers, and other analytical applications.