Possibilities in mid-infrared optical technology for monitoring gas

Gary Spingarn, Product Manager, Hamamatsu Corporation

Date:  October 20, 2022

About this webinar

Monitoring for contaminants is critical throughout many electronics and semiconductor processes. Devices deployed in these settings must provide highly accurate and reliable measurements. This talk will cover recent developments in mid-infrared technology as well as the science that makes deployment work. There will be examples of how gas measurements are achieved, achievements in academia, and some commentary on current market options.

About the presenter

Gary Spingarn is a product manager with Hamamatsu, where he focuses on detectors and light sources for the mid-infrared region. A Rutgers 2013 chemical engineering graduate, Spingarn made his start in industrial gases where he gained hands-on experience in all sorts of processes such as steel mills, plastics manufacturing, and alternative energy. Photonic devices were key in many of his past projects, and he began with the spectrometer group before moving into mid-infrared components. Leveraging past experience, Spingarn continues to support the development of gas analyzers, analytical instruments, medical devices, pyrometers, and new applications.