Optical technology in industrial automation and gas analysis

Gary Spingarn, Hamamatsu Corporation
Albert Tu, Hamamatsu Corporation
October 5, 2023

About this webinar

Optical detection techniques have gained traction in industries like emissions monitoring, semiconductor manufacturing, and food. Improved manufacturing capabilities and enhanced reliability have led to advancements in optical technologies, allowing for more sensitive and efficient detection methods. In gas analysis, techniques like Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy and tunable diode laser absorption spectroscopy enable precise measurement of gas concentrations, crucial for environmental monitoring and industrial processes. In semiconductor manufacturing, the high sensitivity powered by quantum cascade laser technology proves invaluable in detecting trace contaminants, contributing to the high purity standards required. Additionally, optical sensors play a vital role in ensuring food safety and quality by detecting contaminants, analyzing composition, and facilitating quality control in production processes. Overall, optical detection offers real-time feedback, non-destructive testing, and automation capabilities, significantly enhancing the efficiency and reliability of various industrial applications.

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About the presenters

Gary Spingarn is a Product Manager with Hamamatsu focusing on detectors and light sources for the mid-infrared region. As a chemical engineer, Gary made his start in industrial gases where he gained hands-on experience in all sorts of processes such as steel mills, plastics manufacturing, and alternative energy. Photonic devices were key in many of his past projects, and he began with the spectrometer group before moving into mid-infrared components. Leveraging past experience, Gary continues to support the development of gas analyzers, analytical instruments, medical devices, pyrometers, and new applications.

Albert Tu is a Product Manager at Hamamatsu Corporation in Bridgewater, NJ, specializing in near-infrared applications and image sensors. With over a decade of experience in product development and technology implementation for the photonics industry, he holds a Master’s Degree from the University of Texas at Austin. Albert excels in providing customized solutions to customers, drawing on his profound understanding of industry trends and market dynamics.