See beyond visible: short wavelength infrared introduction and applications

Albert Tu, Marketing Engineer, Hamamatsu Corporation 
July 2, 2020

About this webinar

Have you ever experienced these problems?

  1. You’ve brought a beautiful apple only to find out its actually rotten inside?
  2. You’ve went to grind fresh coffee beans, only to find a stone mixed inside which broke your blade?


These are problems not only you and I are facing in our daily lives - the agriculture industry, recycling industry and all kinds of industries face the same daily problem of not seeing the object thoroughly.


Are we seeing what we see? We've been relying on visible light to differentiate objects and identify items, but the surface and its color sometimes could confuse us. Beyond the visible spectrum, many components are transparent in SWIR light that are opaque in visible light. SWIR brings out details beneath the surface you would otherwise miss.


Topics of presentation:

  1. Introduction to SWIR
  2. SWIR technologies and the applications that could benefit out of this spectrum.

About the presenter

Albert Tu is a Marketing Engineer for Hamamatsu Corporation in Bridgewater, NJ specializing in SWIR applications. After graduating from college, he held positions as electrical engineer, field applications engineer and product manager in high-tech industries. Albert returned to business school to get his Master’s Degree from University of Texas at Austin. He has hands-on experience in product development and new technology implementation to provide insights helping customers to find solutions for their technology.