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xenon flash lamp module

Xenon flash lamps

Xenon flash lamps are pulsed light sources that emit light with an instantaneously high peak output. The emitted light is a continuous spectrum spanning from the UV to the infrared region and is used for a wide range of applications including chemical analysis and imaging.

Selection guide by application

  2 W xenon flash lamp module 5 W xenon flash lamp module 20 W xenon flash lamp module 10 W xenon flash lamp 15 W xenon flash lamp 20 W xenon flash lamp 60 W xenon flash lamp
Water quality analysis        
Air pollution analysis        
Gas analysis        
UV - VIS spectroscopy        
(Fluorescence analysis)
MTP reader
(Absorption analysis,fluorescence analysis)
Blood analysis    
Imaging cytometry          
Mineral gem inspection  
Color analysis      
Semiconductor inspection      

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