Photosensor with front-end IC


Compact 16-element APD array suitable for various light level detection (serial output)

The S13645-01CR is a compact optical device that integrates 16-element Si APD array and preamp. It has a built-in DC feedback circuit for reducing the effects of background light. It also provides excellent noise and frequency characteristics. In the S13645-01CR, output can be obtained from any one channel specified in the selection logic.

-High-speed response: 180 MHz
-Two-level gain switch function
 (Low gain: single output, High gain: differential output)
-Reduced background light effects
-No waveform distortion when excessive light is incident

Package Plastic
Number of channel 16 ch
Photosensitive area/ch 1.0 × 0.4 mm
Spectral response range 400 to 1150 nm
Peak sensitivity wavelength 840 nm
Photosensitivity 900 kV/W
High Band Cut-off Frequency 180 MHz
Note Photosensitivity: High gain, λ=905 nm, M=50
High cutoff frequency: Low gain

Spectral response

Dimensional outline (unit: mm)

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