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What type of power supplies should be used with a PSD signal processing circuit?

On the C3683-02: Use a dual output power supply that can be set to Vout=±15 V and has a current capacity of Iout=100 mA. Also use a power supply whose ripple voltage is ±3 mVp-p or lower to suppress power supply noise.

Recommended power supplies
*G1W-15 (Cosel)
*NND15-1515 (TDK-Lambda)

On the C9068-01 and C9069-01, use the AC adapter that comes supplied with them.

I can't connect a PSD to the PSD signal processing circuit. Any advice?

The PSD signal processing circuit has through-holes for externally connecting a PSD. Solder the leads or shield wires to connect between the PSD terminals and through-hole terminals. Using shielded wires is recommended to reduce effects from noise.

Can PSD signal processing circuits be used in combination with a dual or quadrant photodiode?

PSD signal processing circuits are compatible with the following multi-element photodiodes.

The C9069-01 provide the correct output only when light is incident on all 4 photodiode elements.


Signal processing circuit Photodiode
C3683-02, C9068-01 Dual type
C9069-01 Quadrant type

Can the repetition frequency and duty ratio of AC type PSD signal processing circuits (C5923) be changed?

The repetition frequency and duty ratio cannot be changed in either of these circuits.

Can the gain of PSD signal processing circuits be changed?

On the C3683-02: The gain can be changed just by replacing the feedback resistor and capacitor inserted in the first stage amp's socket.

On the C9068-01 and C9069-01: The gain cannot be changed.

Can DC type PSD signal processing circuits be used with pulsed light input?

On the C3683-02:
Cannot be used with pulsed light. When pulsed light is off, the divider IC within the PSD signal processing circuit issues an error,
and outputs a random value within the supply voltage range (±15 V).

On the C9068-01 and C9069-01:
Since the incident light signal is averaged every 5 ms, these PSD signal processing circuits cannot be synchronized with pulsed
light and are therefore impossible to detect pulsed light.

Are there PSD signal processing circuits that are USB-connectable?

The C9068-01 and C9069-01 have an RS-232C port for signal output. Using an RS-232C to USB cable allows USB connection.

Operation with the following RS-232C to USB cable has been verified: USB-RSAQ5 (I-O DATA)
However, we do not guarantee the operation because there may be a problem with the compatibility between the RS-232C to USB cable and the PC.

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